Buy Oxymetholone

Oxymetholone is one of the most popular anabolic steroids. I am in demand all over the world among bodybuilders and powerlifter. Using this drug, you can increase muscle mass, use during drying, to achieve other goals in the sports arena. You can buy Oxymetholone in Australia of the original production on the website of our company.

Characteristics of the drug Oxymetholone

Oxymetholone is a powerful, effective anabolic steroid of the injection form of release. Active substance - suspension Oxymetholone. The drug goes on sale in glass ampoules. In cardboard packaging from the manufacturer, there are 10 bottles. One ampoule contains 100 mg of active substance.

Anabolic activity Oxymetholone is 80% relative to testosterone. Androgenic index is at the level of 43% relative to the male sex hormone. The main feature is that the drug does not have a conversion in estrogen. During the reception Oxymetholone, the accumulation of excess fluid does not occur and signs of gynecomastia do not appear. Due to the fact that the androgenic index is only 24%, and anabolic activity is three times more than the testosterone is rapidly increasing muscle mass. The treatment of certain diseases in medicine is possible using Oxymetholone.

Effects of admission Oxymetholone

Has a wide range of action and a large number of advantages. The drug can be used during a set of muscle mass, in the course of drying and during a combination with another farm. Oxymetholone is rarely used in solo courses.

The main effects of taking the drug Oxymetholone:

  • promotes rapid increase in muscle mass;
  • improves body relief;
  • increases power indicators;
  • enhances appetite;
  • quickly removes excess fluid from the body;
  • relieves athlete from excess fat;
  • reduces the amount of globulin in blood plasma;
  • enhances the action of another pharma during combined courses.

To achieve a better effect, it is recommended to combine the intake Oxymetholone together with nutrition containing a large amount of protein.

Oxymetholone can be used by men and women.

Dosage mode Oxymetholone

Oxymetholone can be taken in a solo course. This technique will allow athletes to achieve stunning results. If the athlete is just starting to get acquainted with anabolic steroids, in particular with Oxymetholone, then the recommended dosage is 100 mg. The frequency of intramuscular administration is once every three days. Professional athletes make themselves injections once every two days. The dose for women is 50 mg with an injection frequency once every three days. Only if these rules are complying with adverse reactions. It goes well with any farm. Application Oxymetholone in sports for two months is effective, cheap and without adverse reactions.